Maintenance & Servicing


We can look after all your needs for maintaining your domestic or commercial swimming pool. We can take care of opening and closing outdoor pools, to basic and full services for our domestic and commercial customers. this would involve not only the plant room but also pool side, and inside the pool structure also.
As with any swimming pool, you need to maintain the balance of the water and for commercial customers we offer accredited bacteriological testing to ensure your service meets the required standards.


From time to time your pool may need more than a service.
Filter media – Depending on usage, your filter media will need changing between two and four years. We can inspect the media and inform you when we think you may require this service.
Pool pump repair – We do not want you to lose any swimming time, so we would install a service pump while your pump is taken off site to our workshop and given a full and extensive service.
Plant room leaks – Your plant room is made up of many components which can deteriorate over time. We stock an extensive range of pipework fittings and our trusted suppliers strive to do their best to supply us quickly if we don’t have the fittings you require to repair any leaks.
Pool Liners - Pool liners deteriorate with chemical usage, UV and time. We offer a removal, re-measure, supply, installation and water balance on all our new liner installations.
Tiled pools – Grout lasts as long if not longer than liners, but still needs replacing after a period of time. If the grout is low, algae can start to grow between the tiles and become very difficult to remove, making the balance of the pool water harder to maintain. We can offer you our services to empty the pool, clean, re grout, refill with and balance the water.
Pool leaks – Very occasionally your pool may develop a leak. It is very rare for the pool shell itself to leak. It would be more likely to be a pool fitting or pipework, and we can test the pipework back to the plant room on both suction and returns. We can then advise you on the best course of action.
If there is a pool service you require that is not listed please contact us.